zondag 26 augustus 2012

I'm so sorry!

Hello everybody!

I basically wanted to make this post to apologize for not posting as much as I should have. I am currently back from Japan and I want to catch up on the posts I've been missing out on! But I first have to work really hard for school and other stuff, so I might still be delayed when it comes to posting :c I am so sorry, I really want to tell you the adventures of my trip! The posts might not be day by day anymore, but I will do my best u_u This post is also to show that I am still alive haha

In the meanwhile, look at the puris we made, We payed about 50 euros each just on Purikura XD

Hope to see you all soon! <3 p="p">

7 opmerkingen:

  1. don't worry, just take the time u need ;3

  2. WOW!!! I so love all the puris that you took!
    And I so look forward to taking some of my own>< <3


  3. Your work is more important, take as much time as you need :)

  4. omg a lot of purikura *O* so cool <3 Good luck on school and all stuff ^^

  5. loads of kawaii photos <3 nice to meet you, ur blog is great :D im a new follower desu~ :3 *bows*

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