woensdag 8 augustus 2012

Japan day 11 + 12 // Resting + Takoyaki Party!

Hey everyone!

Once again a combined post, as I just couldn't make a usefull post about the saturday as it was just a day of rest~ We were so sleepy after Diamond Cutter that we basically slept the whole day and went out to dinner in the evening, to a restaurant really familiar to me, Gusto~! You would find me rather often at this restaurant with my friends back in Kyoto~ Always eating a mayonaise corn pizza! It is really not as bad as it sounds :P This Gusto was a little strange though, as there were reaaalllyyy loud and strange people all over the place but it took care of some good and decent laughs! XD

The next day our housemates had organized a Takoyaki party! Which was really sweet, but I'm a vegetarian so I don't eat fish or meat, so they made 'veggieyaki' for me :D It was really fun, we all sat down around the living room table with a takoyaki pan and made takoyaki, eventually they asked Charlotte and me to take care of them by twisting them, and I must say I was rather good at it :D
Here are some pictures I stole from Charlotte~

Sorry for this update being a little random, but we were a little dead the whole weekend through, we did so many things that it just drained our energy to the max, but after the weekend we hit the town again, that will all be in the next post :D

6 opmerkingen:

  1. wooo i'm vegetarian too!!!

    I wanna try this!! veggie takoyaki!! It looks yummi ^^

  2. The takoyaki you made looks so pretty! : D I love it!

  3. Okay, I am officially jealous! I really wish I could make Takoyaki. Plus they looks so delicious T.T I want some.

  4. OMG looks so good! (*u*) ♥♥ It's so sweet that they made veggie versions for you! (^u^) ♥