zaterdag 4 augustus 2012

Japan Day 6 + 7 // The Meiji Shrine and Harajuku! + Chilling~

Hello everyone!

Here is a post about our 6th day were we decided to go to harajuku and the Meiji shrine that's located there ^^ Let me start of with my outfit!

I was wearing really natural make-up that day, it didn't really work in my advantage but at least I tried!

When we arrived at the meiji shrine it seemed there was a celebration going on, which was great! They had a small stage where there were dancers peforming, and from the looks of it they were visualizing a fight between the heat and the cold, where eventually the cold was victorious and slayed the heat, which I think represented the fact that the cold days are coming, but I don't think they're coming at all xD

Another dance/ music peformance with a less obvious story

Here are some pictures of the shrine; 

I was laughing my ass of on this one xD 

After that we went into Takeshita Dori, which was fun but I didn't buy a lot u_u We did ofcourse take purikura! But we went in the kyary machine which is about the most random machine I've ever had the pleasure of being in xD I ended up feeling really ugly but Charlotte looks absolutely adorable! Which makes them totally worth posting~

Here are the things I bought in the 100 yen store~ A little random but I cant wait to try out the egg shaper!

On day 7 we went to the imperial garden to do some chilling as we were dead from all the walking around u_u But it was a really pretty place with lots of nice benches in the shades to sit on~ I think we sat there for 5 hours just talking and eating, It's what we do best haha xD

That's it for now! More updates tomorrow ^^

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  1. I like your make-up <3

    I think next time I should visit the imperial garden as well *-* Looks really nice!!

  2. Waaaa all of that looked like so much fun. I want to go so badly now, I could cry ; A ;

    And shut up, you do not look ugly on those >:U