zondag 5 augustus 2012

Japan day 8 // Sunshine City Ikebukuro

Hey everyone!

Here is a short update on Ikebukuro, we went to sunshine city, because well, ikebukuro is just a 20 minute walk away and we felt like it ^^ I have mostly pictures to show you, lets start with my outfit again hahaha I tried some really dark make-up, what do you think? :)

Really simple outfit for a simple day! 

Ofcourse the first thing we did was take purikura!


Then we headed on to Sunshine city for some shopping, but we were distracted by crepes! I had custard and chocolate, where charlie had banana with caramel, if I remember correctly XD


And now, more pictures!


And now for my gets of that day!
The new Ageha, I love this issue!

A liz lisa like poncho, and a really cute dream v Jumper, together for only 1050 yen! sooooooo cheap it's amazing :D

That's it, more tomorrow!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. I think the dark makeup really suits you! You're both looking adorable in the Purikura. X3

    I love that pink straw hat with the lace on..! *o* Your gets look fabulous as well.

  2. I think the makeup looks great on you! :)
    and I'm so envious right now... I LOVE Sunshine City... <3

  3. Is there a puri machine inside of the sunshine city?? If so..where is it? We didnt find it last time o: and I like your usual make up more but Idk maybe its just usage xD and whoom love your legs ,_,

  4. You really look amazing! I like your haircolour its really cool!

  5. * w* the new ageha comes with a Glad News mirror? gah, I'm gonna be forever broke ; w;

  6. I need to buy the new Ageha issue! I have yet to have actually bought an issue instead of being cheap and downloading scans TwT I love dark makeup on you!