woensdag 5 september 2012

Shin okubo & Shinjuku!

Hii everyone! It's time to try and freshen up my memory by resuming the Japan posts! :D

Shin okubo is also known as korean town, kind of in the same fashion as we have China towns here in the netherlands haha. It was kind of strange because there were a lot of stores where you could buy all kinds of things regarding your korean fandoms~ I'm not really a fan of k-pop, I just like a few songs so it was really strange to see all these faces that didnt look familiar at all lol. You can see a detailed report on charlotte's blog here :D I will mostly show you some pictures!

First, our faces! 

Restaurants with piggies everywhere! D:

We went into the Donki, and as some of you might know, the Donki carries a lot of strange stuff ...
I mean really, don't even ask me what some of these things are :P

As we were walking we spotted something called 'american boulevard' and we had absolutely no idea how close we were to shinjuku! So we walked to shinjuku, over the american boulevard, of which I can't tell you the accuracy as I've never been to america haha, but this is what it looked like:

We went to eat at a place called 'kin no kura', where you get every dish and drink for 270 yen or something like that, it was hilarious to see some of the things on the menu ...

After dinner we walked home just to see how far it was, and not that far actually! Just about 45 minutes from shinjuku :) 

These were my gets of the day! The 3 little things on the bottom are things I snatched from the UFO catchers :D And an awesome hat, ofcourse!

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  1. Aww, that's just awesome! I bet they sell a lot of Korean beauty products to! I swear, my skin would love to go shopping there ;)
    And do we have Chinatowns over here? (well, maybe, since the chinese are totally taking over the snackbars!)

  2. wow i just love japaese products XD
    they are sooo funny!!
    you two look adorable! i love your make up skills and i wish i could be as good as you two someday ;_;
    i enjoy looking at your memories^^ when will you go there again? :)

    oh~ and if you have time, please check out my new blog post!(。・ε・。) and if you like it you can write a comment☆彡 i would apprichiate it so much!!
    have a nice day and take care~~

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  3. Both of you look so perfect *_*
    I really want to go to Japan, too! It looks amazing there!
    I think you left much money there for awesome stuff? *_*