dinsdag 4 september 2012

[Sponsored] Shoppingholics Review; Luxury Babe 12 Grey (On light eyes!)

Hello everybody!

I'm sorry it took me a long time to update, and before I resume the Japan posts I wanted to share with you this review I had planned for a loooooooong time! Maybe you all remember my review on the brown version of these lenses? Well today I bring you a review on the grey ones! These are the Luxury babe 12 grey lenses sponsored by shoppingholics.com! Lets start off with the details;

Design/ Colour 3.5/5
I didn't score these really high on the colour and design because of the sole reason that they look a lot like my own eye colour. They match extremely well, and for that they don't really work with my usual makeup. Im fond of dramatic makeup, and these lenses just don't really work well. The colour of these lenses is really pretty though, the yellow gives it a really nice touch and makes them look rather special :) 

Comfort 5/5
Extremely comfortable, really no comment on this :) They don't hurt my eyes even after wearing them for several hours!

Enlargement 2/5
Because these ones match my own eye colour so well they hardly have any enlarging effect on me. I think this is also because there is no big black outer ring, which to me is always a good design for extra enlargement

Overall 4/5
I would reccommend these lenses if you are into natural lenses, and with the current trend of natural make-up in gyaru I think these are perfect for that! I'm just a bit old school and love big bold make-up, and these lenses are too natural to work with that. These would make a perfect asset to gals that are more into onee-gal make-up, or for girls that want nice natural looking grey eyes with an extra sparkle of yellow!

Here are some more pictures, I totally failed taking pictures of my head this day, so they turned out a little weird u_u

If you like these lenses, be sure to check them out at shoppingholics.com! 

8 opmerkingen:

  1. wonderful lenses ^.^ looks so good and you looks so pretty

  2. what lower lashes do you use? (*o*) btw, sorry i haven't sent that packet yet (the giveaway you won), i totally forgot because i've been so busy. .___. i'll sent it as soon as possible, but it would be cool if you could sent your address to me again (kaisla.vbr@gmail.com).

  3. I quite like the colour of the lenses! Your hair colour is so pretty too!

  4. The lenses are so beautiful! I would want to try them but the color looks like it won't show up on my eyes at all ;w;

  5. Oh wow those lenses look beautiful *_*

  6. I actually really like how they blend with your natural eye color! They look very pretty on you. I have these in brown and I love them. They are so yellow and prettyyyyy.

  7. I love the way the gold bits sort of pops out on this color though * w*

  8. they look so natural on you. but regardless they look pretty.