dinsdag 18 september 2012

The sky is on fire!

Hii everyone! Here is another Japan post~ This time about the Yoyogi park Firework festival!

We went to this festival together with A friend of mine I met during internship, and a friend of hers. We had absolutely no idea what to expect when we went there but we thought it might just be sitting in a park and watching the fireworks. Well, I couldn't further off. It was insanely busy, yoyogi park has huge stadiums where you had to pay to get in, but get this, you also had to pay 2000 yen is you wanted to enter the actual park. So we walked and walked and walked or rather, being pushed and screamed into a direction. This really made me think back at the karasuma fire festival where it was also this chaotic, as if you were a sheep in an apocolypse.
But eitherway, after almost giving up we finally found a place to sit down~ We were really hungry but there was a line of an hour outside the lawson but luckily I made and brought some fried rice I could share with everyone :)

The first picture is the only picture I have of myself that day, and the second picture I stole from Charlotte~ but it does the job :D Look at our matching Yukata! There were a pain in the ass to walk in haha

Eitherway, when the firework finally started it was completely worth it! I'll show you some of the pictures I have, but I made so many I dont want to bore you guys with all of them ^^
I was playing with the settings of my camera a lot :p and can you guess which fireworks is my favorite? :')

Sorry, I still spammed you guys with fireworks but I just really love it ^^

Here is some other fun stuff of that day~
We saw this in front of a window and I just couldn't stop laughing :')

And look at these adorable girls and their mom! (who you cant clearly see) but if I ever get daughters I want to dress them up like this as well for some occations ;n; all the pink and roses and omg
That's my spamming for now! See you soon again!

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  1. i love all of those fireworks ~ it just looks amazing! and you girls in yukata are so beautiful.. i feel jealous right now =_="
    ♥ shushu-blog.blogspot.com ♥

  2. HAHAH don't even think of parking here! that's SO funny! XD
    the firework looks so beautiful <3 and also your yukata *_* very pretty~!
    and the girls are adorable <3 omg..hyper cute <3

  3. Those fireworks are sooooo pretty! *_* Another reason to look forward to the autumn/winter season haha. XD

    Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures with us. <3 The girls are really adorable, too. X3

  4. omg I wonder if their mom made those clothes for them, they look absolutely adorable! And great pictures :D Wish I had a camera that took pics of fireworks that well.

  5. Oh I loved Hanabi while I lived in Japan <3 Dressing up in Yukata and enjoying the lights with friends surely is a super happy moment. I wish we also had such lovely events where I am living now :/