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Gyaru Discussion: Age Appropriate?

Hello everybody~!

Today I wanted to bring back one of the gyaru discussion topics, and this time with a theme that has been 'bothering' me for a while, which is the age appropriateness of gyaru!

As most of us know Gyaru is a street fashion which is basically founded by young (high school) girls. It has always been cheery and playful with schoolgirl costumes and bleached hair until more styles and variety's  developed. The more time progressed the more styles came to life and the longer girls remained in style. Gyaru has developed from a style that has it focus on younger girls to a broader public which now also reaches young women, often up to 32 - 35. But there are a lot of different substyles within gyaru, but at what point do certain styles stop being appropriate for ones age? Here is my personal opinion about the matter regarding some styles and at the end of this I really wonder what your opinion is on the matter :)

Cute Styles are one of the main styles that I personally don't find very appropriate for older ages, but maybe that also has to do with how I feel in them lately. Ofcourse, everybody is entitled to their own opinions and ways to dress and free to do as they please so this is just my personal opinion. When I first fell for gyaru the cute styles were the styles that really got me, and with that I mostly mean Himegyaru and styles alike so that is where it all started for me. But now, a few years later, I still love looking at the styles but I just feel rather inappropriate wearing them. Whenever I wear something cute, pink and frilly I get the feeling people won't take me serious and that it looks as if I'm into age play. These types of styles are still so adorable and I feel a little sad that I've grown out of it, but I just see at as a part of evolving within the gyaru style. For example there are still some of the other Himegyaru styles that I do find age appropriate!

The pictures above by Jesus Diamante are an example for me of a more toned down hime look that is more appropriate for young women. It is classy, elegant and sophisticate while still staying within the hime theme. I think in this case it is achieved by the more toned down silhouettes and acescoires.

So now onto the next part of age appropriateness, styles that are highly suited for young women. I always feel that the onee and mode gal styles are very appropriate for young women. But the thing I always run into with these styles is that I find them rather boring on western gals. You can often find these styles in magazines such as Happie nuts, Jelly and Blenda. But a while back the Ane Ageha was released, which like a sister magazine to the Koakuma Ageha, and it's main focus is on young women from the age of 25 to 32. Most of their models are within that age range and the outfits that are portrayed within the magazine are on trend but somewhat adjusted to the wearer. Years ago you probably wouldn't have magazines like these as the main focus of the style was on young girls. But young girls grow into young women which are still in love with the style. I think this way the styles for young women have kind of developed on their own.

Onto a whole different side of age appropriateness, being too young for the style. I've discussed being too old for certain styles, but there are certainly styles that I find rather inappropriate for young girls. This first came to mind while I was looking through one of my Soul Sister magazines which mostly portrays the ora ora and kuronba style. And as most of us know D.I.A is one of the main brands, with their short shorts and deep necklines. While looking at the street snap pages I saw that some of the girls in the magazine were only 14 years old! I don't currently have scans on my computer or are able to make them as I'm not at home but I can show you outfits that looked a lot like the ones in the magazines.


As you can see that this is one of the substyles of gyaru that has a main focus on sex appeal, short skirts and shorts, short tops, high heels, lots of cleavage etc etc. I personally feel a style like this is really inappropriate for young girls so I found it rather shocking to see that some of the girls in the street snaps were only 14 years old. I personally think that 18+ would be more appropriate for a look like this, just because I think that young girls shouldn't be focusing on their looks in a way like that.

This is pretty much all I have to say on the topic so far and as I said before, everybody is free to wear whatever they feel like at whichever age they are, but these are just some of my personal feelings. How do you feel? Do you feel some styles are appropriate whereas others aren't? Are their styles you think you wouldn't wear anymore if you're at a certain age? I'd love to hear your opinion!

I will try to post discussions like these more often if you would like to! Let me know what you think ^^

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  1. hmmm ik persoonlijk denk adt het aan verschillende factoren ligt, sowieso hoe jij er zelf uit ziet en wat jij mooi vind. Sommige mensen zien er sowieso gewoon cute uit, en dan vind ik persoonlijk de leeftijd niet meer zo eraan gebonden. (ja natuurlijk komt er een leeftijd dat je gyaru gewoon in totaliteit niet meer kan dragen).
    Maar ik ben ook al 25, en ik draag ook nog steeds het liefste dat sweet gyaru like outfits.
    Van die broekjes ben ik het wel eens. dat is gewoon echt TE kort voor en 14 jarige >.<

  2. Interesting post! I think a style just needs to suit you completely.. For me cute outfits kind of match because people tend to think i'm much younger anyway because of my height and face XD So people don't look at me weird because of my age. (They just look weird at you because of the style XD) But wearing more adult outfits makes me feel good too. So i wonder when i will hit that age that i don't feel good in cute outfits :O

  3. I can certainly agree that the age of 14 is far too young for kuro gal or ora ora gal. The make up is fine but the style of clothes needs to be adjusted accordingly to fit their age for goodness sake. That's pretty disturbing to know that they can be that young dressing like that. Reminds me of those shows like Maury and those stupid teenage girls dressing to lure guys for sex, but that's something different entirely. I do see where you're coming from also about how before, when I was younger I loved loved LOVED frills and sweet styles as opposed to how much I do now. The love is definitely still there, just not as much.

  4. I have seen women doing gyaru (and lolita for that matter) in Japan aged 35-45 plenty of times. I think age it really just a number, and it matters more your appearance than the year you were born. I mean I have seen girls aged 20/21 who look SO haggard and old, or I am often still mistaken for 18. Some people look older some younger. And also height, body shape, face shape and atmosphere matter too. I was 173cm when I was 13 with my large hands, wide shoulders and barrel chest, I would never suit cute, sweet or hime styles even when I was so young.

    Another point, society shames older women into not following trendy fashion as a way of marginalizing them. I mean older women are "useless" to society, they aren't young and sexualized, they are past their most fertile child bearing years, they have passed all the "useful" points of their womanhood and society would like them just to disappear into the background. We only think certain fashions and styles are "for young women" because we have been conditioned to think that by the greater societies around us, it's not a natural inborn instinct or something haha.

    1. I know this comment is 2 years old, but I agree with you on everything you said. I hate how society acts as if when your older you should dress like in uninteresting boring sack clothing. If you have watched Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette movie or any Queen Elizabeth I or any historical movie for that matter, you notice all the elderly women are wearing just as beautiful and just the same kind of gowns as the younger girls, there was no difference in their style from the younger girls. It was not until modern 20th century when people decided women should dress in dull crap clothes when they get older. I am 27 and still wear whatever the heck I want, I went to the older ladies section/the misses section (instead of the teenager/juniors section) one time and I felt out of place in that section and quickly walked back to the young teen/early 20 something section. In last years Liz Lisa F&W magazine they had snaps of shoppers wearing LizLisa and they were all young mostly teens and some early 20s, there was only one girl in there that was 27 and of course she had a baby in a stroller and she was wearing an older ladies jacket over her Liz Lisa dress and did not wear any accessories in her hair or anywhere else was dressed really plain, I felt it made a bad stereotype that anyone in that is in their late 20s is a mom already and tones down the LizLisa by wearing older womens clothing. Not everyone in their late 20s or 30s has kids or dresses in the older ladies stuff :/

  5. Interesting post! I must say that my opinion is a lot like yours. I think that cuter styles like Liz Lisa and such is more suitable for younger ones. But that ofcourse also depends on how you look. If you look very young (face and such), then you may be able to pull it off a little longer.
    But fullblown himegyaru like Jesus Diamante is also suitable for the a bit not-so-younger women in my opinion.

    And 14 years old in D.I.A.? Wow, that I think is really too young! Same with most Agejo stuff like MA*RS I don't think that would be suitable for 14 years old, with the fishnets, high heels and lingery-like short lace clothes.
    But I think 14 years old just need to change the clothes a little. For example those legwarmers from DIA would still be fine for a 14 years old with a hotpants (but not too short), but then needs to be combined with a less clevage top for example.

    And yeah, I also think that a lot of onee gyaru and mode looks boring on western women. :/

    1. Glad to hear that! And indeed it does have something to do with how you look as well, most asian women don't look 25 untill they're 50 or something haha.

      I think 14 year olds in gyaru fashion should really stick to cute styles and not the ones that portay the sexy~ it's just too much D:

  6. Must say my opinion is very similar to yours, I find it really strange when older women(50+ years) try to dress like those who are 25, just doesn't make sense to me even though it's good to look younger.
    likewise with the your 14 year olds who wear really revealing pieces of clothing, its just not right, in my opinion that is, but it's always good to have your own individual fashion sense :)

    1. I too think it's great to have an individual fasion sense, though it would be better if at some ages you'd just take little points of the fashion instead of copying it completely haha

  7. uaaa i personally think women older than 25 tend to look creepy in hime style, and by that i mean western AND asian women. It really makes everyone think they have bad age-issues...

    for myself the onee-gyaru style is the most suitable, because i think thats a good everyday-style. People wont stare at you and take you serious (yes, i care about what other people think of me, i live in constant fear of saying/doing something stupid and let people think i´m weird... -__-) I am going to be a lawyer soon, so i really had to calm down my gyaru style!
    but secretly i am TOTALLY in love with kuronba style. Something i just cant do, my skin is very very light because i have natural red hair. But omg arent they super sexy?

    I never heard of ora ora kei before, but that seems to be something like rokku gyaru with some kind of hiphop influences? i will look for more ora ora now, you really got me interested in that! maybe i could try that!!!! :)))

    Thank you very much for this interesting blog! <3

    1. Thats kind of the same way I feel about older women and hime, it doesn't really add up for me XD

      And I know that feeling of coming across weird and always minding what you say and do haha, but step by step I try to let go of that feeling with the thought 'I didn't wake up today to please you' haha. It's very liberating, you should try it! XD And Kuronba is supersexy, but like you I too can't tan and it will look really weird on me if I did haha. But the clothes aren't right for my body type either xD

      And ora ora is a kind of yakuza/ biker style for as far as I know :) A lot of tracksuits with black white and gold~ You could look on the sukebans tumblr, there is a lot of inspiration there! :)

      Glad to hear you liked this post! :)

  8. I agree with this entire post!
    I thought I was the only one who felt that way about Onee Gal

    1. Glad to hear I'm not the only one! :D
      And though I find onee gal very lovely on japanese gals, it just doesn't work for western gals ;n; </3

  9. well, I,m 23 years old and love gyaru fashion. and I wear both styles.
    but I,think 14 years old is a bit young... to look I, like that o,o. I, thought they were a round 18 0.0;. but I, like this blog post, you gif, your own opinion.