vrijdag 28 december 2012

The Christmas post!

Hey everyone! 

Today I'll make a little write-up about my x-mas days~

On the first xmas day I went out for dinner with my boyfriend and the in-laws :) We went to a Chinese restaurant and the food was great! Instead of talking about it, let me show it to you~

 Showing most of my main dish which are always veggies of course haha
And the fabulous desert! Creme Brule, Layer cake and chocolate icecream with white chocolate sauce :)

This was my outfit of the day~ I thought I looked pretty fancy, eventhough these pictures are taken after I walked through a lot of rain u_u

After dinner we went to see the movie Jack Reacher in cinemas and there we met up with my sister and her bf. The movie was actually way better than I imagined, so I'd definetly recommend seeing it if you have the opportunity to do so! 

On the second day of christmas we went to celebrate at my moms place, though nothing too fancy. Unfortunately for her she was coming down with a virus so she was a little ill :c We had a lot of fun either way! This was the first christmas where both me and my sister had boyfriends to celebrate along with lol. We did some gourmet, or however you may call it in english ^^" It's always fun and everyone can eat as much as they want and don't over indulge on the food presented lol. On the right is a picture of my own little xmas tree! It was gifted to me by my sister on my birthday ^^

And here are some small pictures of that day's look~ I didnt have the time to take a full outfit shot but this kind of gives out the idea xD

And now something that we usually don't do during christmas, presents! It was never a tradition in our family to give out christmas presents as me and my sisters all have our birthdays close to christmas and there is another dutch celebration on the 5th of december where you receive presents as well. That meaning that within 2 months we'd get a shitload of presents so thats why we never did christmas presents xD But not this year! Apparently my in-laws did have the christmas present tradition and they were sweet enough to get me some presents as well and I'm so grateful for that ;n; And on the second day both me and my sister got everyone some presents :)

Make-up and a jewelry making workshop that were gifted to me by my in-laws! :3

These are the presents my sister got me, a little painting that says 'be yourself, there are allready enough others' and body washes in a cat bottle, how awesome!

And last but not least this gorgeous necklace/ earring set I got from my boyfriend :3 I'm immediately thinking of the right outfit to wear these with haha xD

So that is pretty much my christmas post! I hope all of you had a great couple of days and got some quality time with family and friends!

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  1. Ah, all looks very nice! (and tasty!). And very funny, cause the top you're wearing in the second outfit picture? I wore it for christmas too!
    The necklace with blue heart is so cute! We always do Christmas presents but I never get anything with Sinterklaas (anymore >w<)

  2. You look really cute :D
    I am loving those cat bottles too!

  3. Aww those earring and necklace set reminds me of Titanic :D Merry christmas to you! I'm a new reader btw :D


  4. i really like the ´´ otona ´´look on you. You´re so pretty : ) I love the mini-three! I wanna get one myself!

  5. Wat zeg je er mooi uit <3 en dat setje is zooo leuk! haha ik moet meteen denken aan die matching jurkjes die we toen emt de international meet hadden XD die icm met dat setje <3 moeten de strikken natuurlijk wel blauw XD