woensdag 13 februari 2013

Gal Meet @ Düdo!

Hello everyone!

Wow, let me just say that I am LATE with this post ^^" I assume that most of you have allready seen most of the pictures from blogs that actually DID post on time lol. But I still felt a little obliged to do this post as I had quite some fun at this meetup :) I don't know what to say about so I will mostly bore you with some pictures!

First we met up with the whole group at the station, and let me just say that there were a LOT of people! I felt a little shy and intimidated tbh as there were so many new faces that I just didn't dare to say hi ... So I'm glad that the people that knew Charlie and me came up to us to say high! Because we were totally being socially akward pinguins together as show on the pictures below lol

All hail the Burger King!

Charlie, my little sister Esmeralda and me!
Koukie, Jenn, Charlie and me ^^

The groupshot! I told you there were a lot of people!

So after everyone had gathered we started to walk in the direction of the Japan bit of Düsseldorf to go to the OCS but me and my 'entourage' were a little tired from the trip over so we decided to sit down for a while and drink some bubble tea! So then Charlie and I had a little contest of who looks most akward while drinking bubble tea, who won? XD


Our bubble teas! Or well, those of me and my sister, Charlie was still sippin hers xD

After that we wandered around Düdo for a while, went to the OCS to check on everyone but we didn't quite felt the need to stand in line for Purikura for hours so we wandered off again. We looked for somewhere to eat but everything was full! So we ended up at the same mexican restaurant as last time and it was pretty good! During our dinner some gals walked in for cocktails and as soon as we were done with our dinner we joined the group and had so much fun! I wish I had better pictures of that time because to both me and Charlie that was the most fun part of the meetup! But the pictures I do have are quite unflattering to some so I rather keep those to myself xD I was so happy to chat with everyone again and made some new friends as well! I hope we can all see eachother again soon :)

Oh and before I forget, here was my outfit of the day! :)

 That's it for this post~! Hope you enjoyed it ^^

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  1. Awh you all look stunning <3
    I'm in love with your hair! It's such a pretty colour too~ Go dark haired gyaru ahahaha! :D

  2. WoooooooW! look at your pretty face!! :O
    You and Charlotte are still one of the prettiest!
    I love your face omg xD <3
    and your sister looks so good too :O well done! :)