dinsdag 12 februari 2013

Happy Pancake Day! (+ Some Gets)

Hey everyone!

Just a random update on pancake day lol. This morning I had a sudden craving for pancakes so I took of to the stores and made some, later to find out it's pancake day today xD What a coincidence lol. I made myself an apple cinnamon pancake and a bacon and cheese pancake for my boyfriend~ Pancakes are a rather typical dish in the Netherlands and we use all kinds of stuff to fill it up and make it tastier. My mom makes the absolute best, chocolate pancakes with warm custard! A killer for your diet but soooo good :3 So did you have any pancakes today? ;D

And now on to some of the gets! I've been robbing ebay and my own wallet lately and I finally got some of the packages in the mail today! I totally love it, accesoiry hunting on ebay is on of my favorite things to do. Whenever I see stuff in stores I immediately know it's cheaper on ebay lol. So here is some of the stuff I recently received!  A cross bracelet, a sicsor ring and a little fox/cat ring!

And I got some nice make-up for cheap as well recently, here it is! I still need to test it, but as I've been kind of lazy lately I didn't wear much make-up at all lol.

So that's it for the small update, I hope I can entertain you all soon again with better posts!
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  1. Me and my friend celebrated pancake day as well, but we made semi-healthy pancakes :''D Here pancakes are generally seen as a, well, carb-and-sugar-bomb of a dessert. But I made some with 50/50 normal flour/coconutflour and no sugar, and they were ridiculously good♥