dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Is it too late for a Valentinesday post?

Hey everyone!

I know I'm a tad late on the subject, but I hope you all had a great V-day ^^, Wether you spend it alone or with one of your loved ones, it's always an excuse to eat chocolate ;D

I personally didn't do much on the actual day 'cause I had to work and we didn't really plan anything, and I knew I'd see my bf the next day~ Now valentines is sort of, new to me. Over the last years I've never done anything on that day so I didn't expect to do much this time either, but I still wanted to make a little suprise. But now the question, what? So I decided to go by the Japanese valentines tradition and make chocolate! I made chocolate, little cupcakes and fudge. But this all fell into nothing compared to the gift I got back ;n; I still feel really guilty for just making this, while I got something amazing in return! I am updating you all from a new laptop I got! I'll be honest, I couldn't believe my eyes and I was sooo happy! It's perfect for gaming and he got me a Razer Onza (controller) with it too, works like a charm while playing Tera! I feel so spoiled by getting this and I wouldn't know how to repay him ;n; All I did was make chocolate! D:

And on top of all that I got an adorable bracelet as well! It matches the necklace that I've been given for christmas, it's the same heart shape! On the right are a few of the muffins I made, as you can see it's nothing compared to what I got and I feel waaaay too spoiled u.u

On another note, lately, when Tera became FTP I got a little addicted to playing it haha. Are there any of you out there on the US client? I'm on the servers Mount Tyrannas and Lake of Tears, though I'm currently more active on Lake of Tears. If you play too let me know! I've been a solo player for so long, I'd like to have some people to play with! And if there are any other games you play, or have a steam account (mine is Woxje) of some sort, add me! Most of the time you can find me under the name 'Woxje' or 'Woxxius' :)

Koakuma.Ageha at the Lake of Tears server US Client, find me!

That's it for this post! I recently recieved lashes that I need to review so expect a post on those soon!

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