dinsdag 26 maart 2013

[Sponsored] Born Pretty Store Princess Lashes

Hello Everyone!

I'm once again sorry for not blogging for a while and I must definitely apologize to Born Pretty Store for postponing this review but life got a little overwhelming. But today I bring you all this review and I hope I can make some positive life changes so I can blog more again :D

Today I will be reviewing the Handmade Princess Lashes which I picked because I mostly own very dramatic lashes and I thought it would be nice to change it up a little by choosing a more natural pair .
I received them quite fast! Within 2-3 weeks after sending, though I can't exactly recall how long it took.

I really like these lashes! The voluminousness and winged but still natural look got me quite drawn to these lashes.  The quality seems really nice, they don't show up too plastic looking and they have an invisible band which makes them a little stiff but makes it great to blend them with you make-up. So far I found them very durable, you can reuse them quite a bit if you clean them well! Here are some close up pictures of the lashes worn.

And because I'm not too good at reviewing lashes I'll make you an overview of Pros and Cons~

  • Natural looking
  • Great with natural and winged make-up
  • See through band makes them great to blend
  • Great Volume
  • Not Shiny
  • Durable
  • Very soft
  • Cheap and numerous


  • A little stiff, can be hard to put on
  • Dont show up well with dark make-up

Soooo thats it! I would definitely recommend these lashes if you like more natural looks or if you're looking for nice lashes to use for normal (non-gyaru) looks. I'm sure these work great for Onee gals! 
You can get them by clicking here and don't forget check out their other products! 

The people from Born Pretty Store have been so nice to provide me with a discount code that I can share with you all! The code provided for a 10% discount is KEJ61 so don't forget to use it!

I want to thank you all for reading this and for your patience! :)

Lots of Love and till next time <3 p="">

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  2. A friend of mine sent me those lashes from Taiwan and I thought they were exclusive to the shops there and was deeply disappointed because these are - hands down - the best lashes I've had in my entire life. Thank god for your post, I just went ahead and ordered some packs!

  3. looks lovely! glad to have you back in the blogging again! i was wondering if you could make a post about "how to take care/clean your fake eyelashes" it would really be appreciated :)

  4. oh my gosh! You are so pretty! I love your wigs too!! it's so simple and cute! Where do you usually buy your wigs from? I like to get mine online, mostly from www.himecastle.com :) I LOVE JAPANESE GYARU WIGS!!! you should do more reviews on that!!! i will be excited to read it :D