dinsdag 7 mei 2013

A short bob, maybe?

Hey everyone!

Just a quick random post, as there really isn't anything too special going on in my life right now to blog about ;u; /sad

So eitherway, I was trying out a more springlike make-up look and I got a little too lazy to do my hair (and I was at my moms place for a while so I didn't have the right styling tools). So I pulled my hair back and with my current layers it looked as if I had a short bob haha. What do you think, would it suit me?

As I said, a very short post, but at least I'm alive!

Oh and ofcourse! Thank everyone that nominated me in the GGA's this year! Due to my inactivity lately I never expected to be nominated for anything, but to see I got nominated for 2 categories is crazy! Thank you all so much, it is really sweet and thoughtful of you and it really put me back into the gal spirit! ^^

Love, Rox <3 nbsp="">

6 opmerkingen:

  1. That's so cute! It would look very good! :)


  2. So cute!A short bob would be perfect on you.

  3. woooow~!!
    You are soo beautiful with short hair!! *__*
    it suits you! <3

  4. Cute! I love your makeup here, and the bob style suits you so well ^__^

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award~

  5. You'd look really cute with a bob :)
    Go for it :D
    When you don't like it anymore, you can wear wigs and extensions :3