dinsdag 25 juni 2013


Hello Everyone!

Long time no see ;o; I am once again sorry for not updating a lot but I have been quite busy studying and working. But I went out shopping recently and I wanted to share my gets with you because I feel like I went a little wild with all these purchases! I went to the Primark, which is as most of us know a really cheap store! And I went in with a specific goal in mind: No Black! I've been trying to get a little more color into my wardrobe recently so I tried to stay away from black items. And I think I did great! I only bought one basic black shirt (not in the pictures) and a black pair of shoes. So, yay for me for completing my mission! On to the pictures!

Two sheer tops, great for summer and I love the mint/turqoise green!

This might be my best purchase! A fleece capelet with a sheep hat! I've been wearing this thing non stop ever since, So cosy! ^0^

A cute fluffy pink skirt and a pair of shorts that I can sleep in/ walk around the house with

Shoeeees! I got a pair of mint green heals and black T-strap shoes! Unfortunately one of the straps has allready come loose but I can fix it :)

I got a lot of bracelets this round as I didn't really have any~ And an awesome pair of cateye sunglasses!

Mugs! These were sooo adorable and I love big mugs to put my tea in, and these were only 2 euro! Way too cheap! 

And last of all, a new bag set! I needed a new bag and wallet so I took this chance to make a complete matching set and I love it! See, no black!

So these are all the things I got at the Primark :) New stuff makes me happy haha.

Lately I've also been really busy with HYPER's upcoming event: The International Summer Meet! Oh man organizing this has been such a hassle! I've definetly been going the extra mile for this and I hope it will all be worth it because the event is almost here! Upcoming Saturday will be the first day of the meet-up and the day I've been working for the hardest. If you are still interested in coming, please visit our event page!

So you better expect a follow up blogpost about the meet-up soon! Aaaah still so much to do but so little tiiiime! o.o

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  1. Awwww I guess I have to visit Primark then *รถ* These are awesome things you got there!
    I really depends when you visit the store. Sometimes I find nothing at all...

    *Wonderland gone mad*

  2. So many cute things!!
    Love the Macaron cup :O