woensdag 14 augustus 2013

Gal Bowling Meet-up!

Hello everybody!

Here I am with a new blogpost about last saturday's meet-up! I think I'm actually quite on time this time around because I usually extend this for weeeeks!

Anyhow, last saturday HYPER's lovely member Elise organized a gal bowling meet-up at Den Haag! And as I always love seeing my gal pals again I decided to go all the way to Den Haag.

So lets start off with my look of the day! I must say that it didn't really succeed. I went out the night before so I only had 4 hours of sleep which left me with 45 minutes to get myself ready, make-up, hair, clothes etc. My outfit did not turn out as I hoped because there were a lot of things from ebay that I kind of needed for the outfit I had in mind but sadly, those didn't arrive in time :c Anyway, here is the look I came up with! I didn't take a proper outfit shot so here is one in the Tally Weijll mirror together with the always fabulous Estherbel!

So when I arrived at Den Haag station I still didn't have breakfast so I went to get a sandwich. And just when I made up my mind and wanted to go for the sandwich I picked out, the guy in front of me took it! Woo is me, he took my sandwich :< Ofcourse I just went for another but I thought it was funny to share you all with a little bit of my kind of luck ><'

After everyone had arrived we went off to the bowling alley! The bowling alley was at scheveningen, which one of the biggest beaches we have in the Netherlands, so unfortunately it was reaaally windy outside and everybody had to keep their skirts down and hair in place. I was lucky that I wore a wig that didn't need much to stay in place, whoohoo!
So after walking through the windy streets of Scheveningen we arrived at the bowling alley, grouped up into groups of 5, and we started bowling! We were divided into 3 groups, 1 group consisted out of a pair of badasses because they wanted to bowl with the grids down. My respects were given because I suck at bowling and if those kiddy grids are not up the only ball I will be throwing is a damn gutterball :P I will not bore you with any more of my blabbing, here are some pictures!

Isa in her cute Ma*rs skirt 
Elise showing off her fustration

The heroes that played without the bowling grid up!

Eri, Isa and Elise

A group picture at the bowling alley, with me somewhere in the background! xD 

I am not usually on pictures at events because Im usually taking the pictures, but there was a group of women that were having a bachelorette party and they wanted to take a picture with us! Luckily for us one of the ladies was kind enough to take a picture of our group as well :)

When we were finished with bowling we headed back to the city but made a quick stop at the Ben & Jerrys ice cream salon! I'll be honest, I went to the burger king and got myself one of their delicious ice smoothies, eventhough I was cold as hell!
Later on we went to the city to do a little shopping, but one of the girls had to leave early so she wanted another group shot, which I took :)

Group shot in the middle of the shopping street!

Chelsey & Dominique

Lots of hair going on here

Me taking a picture of someone looking at someones that took a picture of themselves hihi

When we were all done shopping we headed out to the restaurant Elise reserved at for foood! I was pretty hungry but hey, I'm always hungry ^^" We went for chinese dim sum food and it was delicious! I must say that at that moment I was pretty happy to be a vegeterian and decided just to pick my own food which I'd pay for without bothering others, because it took quite a while for the group to decide on what food they wanted! But in the end everybody reached their decisions and we waited for our food :)

A picture of nobody being fully aware that I wanted to take a picture~

And a picture where I yelled 'GUYS I WANT A PICTURE!!! DONT START YOUR FOOD YET!'

And the most important picture, my dessert that I shared with Estherbel, omnomnomnom!

I had a reaaaally fun day and it's always great to see my friends again and meet new people! But there are new adventures coming up for me, such as the Abunai Convention, and soon my lovely wife Charlotte will be back from Japan for a little while so there is no way I'm letting her pass the Netherlands without me seeing her and arranging a meet-up for her <3 adventures="" and="" br="" enjoyed="" expect="" hope="" i="" later="" loves="" my="" next="" of="" on="" one="" please="" posts="" so="" this="" those="" time="" untill="" you="">

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  1. So lovely pics, you all look gorgeous! (:

  2. Really nice to read what's going on in the Netherlands~ haha
    You were looking great and the others as well!!!
    I personally loooove bowling ^o^
    Nice idea for a meet up!
    Really lovely photos ^^ I enjoyed reading your post <3
    bye ^^

    1. Haha I dont really love bowling because im usually so bad at it, but this time I won! But thats mostly because of the grids being up :P

      And thank you! Im glad to hear you enjoyed reading this post ^^

  3. So cute and fun, the outfits are all so adorable ^^

    恵美より ♥

  4. great pictures! I love all the outfits ^^

  5. sounds like a great day, but somehow i miss charly in ur group :/

    1. Yeah unfortunatly, I miss her a lot as well, thanks for reminding me lol xD She's in japan for a year but she'll be back for a few days at the end of this month~