vrijdag 20 september 2013

Gal VIP is looking for models!

Hello lovely ladies, and gents!

Today I'm making a blogpost on behalf of Gal VIP: Gaijin Gyaru Magazine. We are currently recruiting new models for our magazine, so please hit us up if you're interested and if you follow there requirements!

- Our number one priority: You have to be Gyaru. We want girls that look the part, because you will be making tutorials for the gal community and teaching newer gals how to do it.
- Own a decent camera. We do not accept submissions that only exist out of mobile phone/ webcam photos.
- You must be able to work within set deadlines and follow the assignments handed to you.
- We're looking for girls that know how to communicate and interact well with the allready existing staff, we're not looking for trouble within the Gal VIP family. Input is also very important to us.
- You must be willing to spend a chunk of your free time on this project, it is all voluntarily but we need girls that want to go the extra mile with us to make this a magazine a succes.

Deadline: October 1st 2013.

Send us a message through the Gal VIP Facebook where you will be given further instructions!

The Gal VIP staff is a fun family that helps eachother out wherever and whenever they can! And we would like to see some new additions to this family soon! :)

Love, Rox <3 p="">

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  2. aww, i hope you find good models! (^^)