maandag 30 december 2013

(Very late) Merry X-Mas!

Hello Sweethearts!

I am sorry for hardly posting anymore! But my life has been a little dull lately and I hardly ever dress up anymore so I feel like there is nothing for me to talk about ...
But I'm planning on blowing back some life into this blog and be a good girl and not just dress like a hobo anymore... But to be fair, I have a good excuse! My bf bought a house a while back and it needs A LOT of painting and fixing! So I've spend my days looking like painting houses was something I do for a living xD

Anyway! Lets talk about xmas and the days before that! Because in the days before xmas one of my friends had her wedding! She was the first of our friend group to get married! I'm really happy for eventhough we never expected her to be the first to marry~ Anyway here was my look on both the marriage and the 'hennaparty'. I'm not sure if I'm saying this correctly though. ^^'

This was my look for the wedding. The (fake) fur collar was inspired by GoT, something I finally started watching xD
And here was my face for the henna party (review on these lenses will come soon!) I stopped doing anything about my hair because I had burned my face on the curling iron :< I was done with it :p

On the first day of xmas I had dinner at my inlaws' house. We ate gourmet like usual and we got some presents! :3 I got a variaty of stuff, from a umbrella with led lightning, to tools, to room, to chocolate etc. But one of the best presents was something I'm using right now! :3 A G19 Logitech gamers keyboard my boyfriend got me! (and you can see my Naga moba on the side ^^) Oh and on the right you can see my face for that day. Really simple but with a shitload of make-up on you can not see! 

On the second day of xmas I took my mom and 2 of my baby sisters out to see Frozen in the cinemas! Oh my god that movie is amazing! 2 days later I decided to go to cinemas to see it again! xD I really love it and I recommend everyone to see it! Here are some derpy pictures in the cinemas xD 

After that we want to my boyfriends place for dinner and that was about the end of xmas :)

Oh! And on the night before xmas I decided to make the Gal VIP xmas editon! We had all the material laying around but the pages still needed to be made. But both me and Danyy and Lolo were so busy that the material almost went to waste! So I buckled up and stayed up all night to bring you all this xmas special! It might be a little late now, but take a look to see if you like it! Link here!

So now on to new years! Are you excited for it? Do you have any plans? I don't really have plans yet so I better start planning xD

Hope to see you all again soon sweeties <3 p="">

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  1. I love your make-up in the second photo! You look very pretty ^^

    I've also seen Frozen, now it's one of my best animated movies ever! It was amazing (I especially liked the music and Elsa - she looked fantastic ^^)