woensdag 15 januari 2014

[Sponsored] Review // Eyecandys.com // Royal Vision Girly Chip Sesame Grey

Hello everybody!

This will be the first review of 2014! I must first apologize to Eyecandys.com for the delay on this review~ But unfortunately my camera needed to be fixed so it took a little longer than expected.
But today I bring you a review on the Royal Vision Girly Chip Sesame Grey! That's quite a long name isn't it? Check them out here! I fell in love with these lenses from the stock picture~ They looked so adorable and dolly, rather intense but yet sort of subtle. I had a hard time to pick a colour but I eventually decided on the grey ones. Probably because I thought they would blend the best with my eyes.

So, lets get on to my 'point system'!

I love the design! It has a subtle flower like border, but it's something that looks like a well blended black border from afar. They go perfect with both extreme make-up as a more subtle and girly make-up style. They create a true doll like effect, so they're perfect if you're going for that! The black border does make it a bit unnatural, but that's to be expected. 

Perfect, honestly nothing to complain about. I am not too familiar with Royal Vision as a brand but the lenses fit perfectly and didnt bother me at all. Even after a few hours of wearing them.

Well, 3 points for enlargement because they are 14.5 mm lenses, which isn't that big. But the design does enlarge your eyes greatly, something which I didn't expect! This makes it great for more dramatic make-up as well

I would definetly recommend these lenses if you are going for a subtle dolly look! They blend really nice, especially if you choose one that matches your own eyecolour. 

Onto some pictures! Excuse the lack of style in these pictures~ Im at my bf's place and I have limited items available atm D:

Ring flash - Artificial lightning - Window/ Natural light
Click to enlarge!

Don't forget to check out Eyecandys.com for these and other amazing lenses! They always ship out fast, and their customer support is great. And dont forget to use the code WOXJE to get a free suprise gift with your purchase! I hope you enjoyed this review, and please let me know if you want to know anything else!

See you soon again sweethearts!

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