maandag 24 februari 2014

A day with HYPER!

Helloooooo everybody!

So last Saturday I had a great day with a bunch of HYPER gals! Charlotte finally came back after a year of being in Japan, so naturally we wanted to get the band back together! Not everybody could make it, but we gathered a lot at my bf´s house for some tea (which ended up to be mostly wine), loads of food and even more fun!

Here is my look of that day; I got a new wig and ofc I wanted to wear it asap

And here are some random pics I took with my tablet! I know, I have an amazing camera, but apperantly I was too lazy to take it downstairs :')
The gang! Charlotte, Estherbel, Reiko, Josephine and Kari showed up!
Charlotte and I had the same wig color! So naturally we had to derp around

And ofcourse, I wanted to try her wig on too xD Now I want a bob wig like this toooooo!

And later that day we went and got Pizza and icecream, to end the perfect day xD
Do you like my glowing wine coolers? :D They're with led lights!

I miss my girls allready ;n; But luckily I will see most of them in a month allready! We made a small gyaru meet-up in utrecht on the 29th of march! Feel free to come if you can!

See you next update!

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  1. May I ask where did you buy your wig? It looks amazing and it suits you very much ^^

    1. I got it on ebay! If you search for taro wig youll find all kinds of wigs in this color! ^^ hope it helped! and thank you!