dinsdag 11 februari 2014

Frankfurt Gal Meet!

Hello everybody!

Here I am with a belated post about the international gyaru meetup in Frankfurt on the 1st of Feburary. But hey! Better late than never!

I went to Frankfurt together with Estherbel and our boyfriends~ We went on friday and we stayed at Hotel Arosa. A pretty nice hotel and not too expensive! It's close to the center of the city and it has a great breakfast buffet! We didn't really do anything on friday except for going out for some dinner and playing some drinking games afterwards in the hotel xD I better not share pictures of that!

So on saturday we woke up early for some breakfast and then we had to start getting ready! I must say that I did not take any pictures of my face or outfit that day. In fact, I didn't take a lot of pictures at all unfortunately. I really shouldve taken more pictures, and esp with all the nice people I met! Because after the meet I saw all these great photos from people and I really regreted not taking more pictures. Better luck next time i guess!

Anyway, the first pictures I did take were after we all met up at the station and went to a shopping mall to acutally take pictures! Im glad we were able to get some group pictures because we were quickly send away because the group was too big ... okay okay too much talking, on to the pictures!

The group!

Gals and guys gathering

Proper photobombing and out off focus shot!
The boyfriends that were dragged along xD

So after these pictures were taken we were kicked out and had to go somewhere else. So the group split up and we went to get some dinner with the 4 of us. There was a small chinese place near the shopping mall where we had dinner which was really good! But sadly, I again didn't take a photo of it XD

So we all met up at 7 again to go to the karaoke bar! And while we were traveling to the karaoke bar we figured that our hotel was actually right across it! Lucky us haha. 
The karaoke place was a lot of fun! I mostly wandered around with a cocktail in my hand talking to people, and when I finally sat down it was because our boyfriends had gotten us a pink tequilla bottle! So I took shots with some of my friends and it was all pretty fun! ^^

With the lovely Kyo and Estherbel~! And the amazing tequilla bottle! 

After the karaoke some us were going clubbing! Unfortunatly me and my crew were a little late for the meet-up at the station so we missed the big group xD We found a smaller group though that luckily knew where we had to go :D The clubbing part was a lot of fun, I once again talked to a lot of girls (you get pretty talkative after half a bottle of tequilla lol). Kitai got a great deal on free drinks so I might have gone a little crazy xD 

I really didn't want to leave, it was so much fun with everyone! I really hope there will be a big meetup again soon! (Im allready talking things over with HYPER ;)) I hope to see everyone again soon, and then I will take more pictures! 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. looks like lots of fun! you all look gorgeous!

  2. sounds great, looks great ;D
    I'm sad that I couldn't join, even tho I'm living near Frankfurt. But I had to work, as usually -.-
    So I'm looking foward to the next big meet up! and I hope that I'll be able to join next time xD

  3. I regret that I didn't take any picture with you ;^; I will try to come to the next meet in the Netherlands though! Like I promised :3

  4. I'm so envious! There aren't any gyaru meetups at my country, I think. And such a huge group, wow!