donderdag 27 februari 2014

[Review] Essence Frame4Fame Lashglue

Hello everybody!

Today I bring you a tiny review on a lashglue I recently bought. Because we all know a gal is nowhere without her lashes, but you have to stick those things to your face somehow ;)

So i always use Lashfix from Eyelure, but recently it has been a little hard to get your hands on as you can only get it at special drugstores. So a while back I found this lashglue at the regular drugstore of one of the cheapest (and my favorite) cosmetic brands: Essence!
It was fairly cheap so I decided to try it out. I payed under 3 euros for it, so it wouldnt be much of a loss if it wouldnt work! Here are some pictures of the product (that i decorated with my phone otherwise it would look so boring haha)

So now on to the actual review of this product! As you can see it comes in a small tube made of plastic and it has a stick applicator. The actual glue is white with a light blue tone as you can see on the right picture. Its quite fluid in comparison with my other lashglue which is rather thick. This does make it easier to apply the glue, but hard to get enough on your lash.
The glue is rather sticky but it does dry up transparent. If you put on too much glue you will get a few blue spots on your eyeliner but you van easily cover this up again. The glue is a little harder to use on stiff and new lashes. But I'd say that you might just need a little practice. The glue does stay a little tacky once you applied your lashes, which I personally find a little annoying.

Here are some pro's and cons in a short list:

  • Cheap
  • Easy applicator
  • Dries quickly
  • Very portable
  • Stays a little tacky once applied
  • Tends to need re-application on the corners
  • Harder to use on stiff/ new lashes  

I would recommend this glue for a gal on a budget or a beginning gal that wants to practice but doesnt want to spend a lot on lash glue! But for the hardcore gals I would recommend the Eyelure Lashfix because eventhough its more expensive, it does work great! This is a great glue though to keep in your purse, or to take with you when you for example go clubbing and wouldn't mind losing!

You can get this in the Netherlands at local drugstores that sell the brand Essence, but I think this brand is widely avaiable in Europe as well!

Hope you liked it~!

Love, Rox

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  1. I don't know if I can find this glue in my town, but I will check it, it's worth trying I think ^^