woensdag 19 maart 2014

Ebay haul~

Hello everybody!

Today I want to share with you my latest gets from Ebay! As some of you know I can be kind of an ebay addict because I just love getting awesome accessories etc for cheap!
So today I will share with you both pictures and the links of where I got them!

Let's start!

I got the following items from this seller, not all of the items I posted are in stock, but they certainly have a beautiful stock of cheap and pretty of jewelry!

I got these 2 floral necklaces because I think they are perfect for spring and onee-gyaru~ I know these
have been trending lately and I'm in love with them!

And I got 4 of these lovely and elegant stud earrings! As some of you might know I've had stretchers for
a while, 16mm. And i've been trying to grow them close again (they're between 5 and 8 mm now) and therefore I always wear big earrings that cover up the holes in my ears. These are perfect for that!
I hope to one day have a huge collection of elegant stud earrings :3
And now on to some make-up!

 I got the adorable waterproof eyeliner here. It reminded me so much of the dolly wink eyeliner that I just had to try it for just 2 dollars! It works pretty well actually! And the other pot is a bright pink gel liner that I got over here~ I've been buying bright coloured mascaras recently and for that i needed this eyeliner!

And last but not least, the palette I've been eyeing for a year or so. I've always wanted this palette but somehow I never got around to buying it~ I got it over here! I really love it, browns are usually the only colours I use for eyeshadow. Eventhough the pots are rather small they are highly pigmented!
So that's it for today's post! Would you all like me to post these kind of items, including links, more often?

Till next time! 

3 opmerkingen:

  1. It would be really nice if you post this kind of items more often ^^ And these necklaces are beautiful, by the way ^^

  2. I love eBay! Gotta try the eyeliner :)

  3. Wow those are some really gorgeous pieces Rox :o Nice finds!~