donderdag 3 april 2014

GAL Lunch in Utrecht!

Hello everybody!

Today, a blogpost about a meetup I organised in Utrecht! I figured it had been way too long since there was a gal meet in the Netherlands and that it was time to bring the band back together! Or so to speak~

I decide to make a meetup where we could just hang out, eat loads of food and get some great drinks afterwards! And so we came across this all you can eat place Sumo. Eventhough a lot of my friends have been there, I've never been to this place and I was suprised about the interior and decoration, it was so pretty! And the food was actually really good. I love sushi so pretty much everything that even looks like sushi tastes good to me, but I think the good was good :')
And what is talking about food without pictures of food?

I didn't actually take too many pictures that day... I don't know why but usually I bring that big ass camera along with me but I end up hardly to not using it because it's often such a hassle to take out of the bag etc~ Talking about first world problems :') I might need to get a smaller camera for meetup like this, I'm sure I will snap a lot more pictures if I had one :x Anyway here are some pictures of the group! I was glad to see so many lovely gals together, and even a load of new faces!

After stuffing our faces with sushi and other delicious treats some of us went home because of long train rides or other apointments, and others went to the cocktailbar where I had made a reservation! It was quite a walk towards the place but I was very glad that we had finally arrived at our destination. It was lots of fun and somehow the meetup started to turn into a huge selfie meetup ... xD Gals were scattered all over the cafe taking pictures of themselves :') (while I just sat in the corner entertaining one of the guests cause hey, that's what a host does right? :P) But it was a very interesting sight and I wish I had taken pictures of the whole happening. Unfortunately I only took pictures of the cocktails! But just look at the pictures of these gorgeous drinks!

I had a lot of fun at the cocktail bar, everybody was just chatting around and eventhough the group started to slim down I was glad to do some cathing up with everyone! And here is a little picture I stole from my bby charlotte; we were lucky enough to see that the place had some kaluha! So we could have one of our signature drinks, the kaluha milk. Drinking it always brings back some amazing memories, especially those from Japan :3

I really wish fun days like these would last forever! Unfortunately everybody lives quite far apart, and it can be a hassle getting everybody together. But I'm allready looking forward to the next meetup! We will have a high tea at a place called Genki Tei, where they have a cute hello kitty cafe! Or so I've been told :)

Here are some pictures of my outfit and my hair! It's been a long while since I decided to actually do something with my own hair because usually the weather in the Netherlands is super shit and as soon as you step out of the door your hair will get blown away u.u But for this meetup I tried! And I think I still got some of the skills! But I might need to train myself a little more. And I need to get some extensions to match my current haircolour!

My hair before I left for the meetup~ 

And my simple outfit of the day! I wanted to wear something comfy, and I didn't have a lot of clothes at my boyfriend's place ^^"

That's it for today! I hope to get back to all of you soon!

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  1. You still have the skills :D <3 love that hair, I wish I would be talented enough to do it like yours!
    And I love your outfit, all matches perfectly together :>

    1. Thank you so much! ;o; In the end it's not that hard! It just takes a looooot of time, I think I spend 2 hours on my hair! :x

  2. You all look gorgeous! I love your hair and everything! *_*
    Also the food looks awesome! I love Inari!

    1. Thank you! ^0^ And I looooooove Inaris as well! I could eat hundreds of them but I would roll out of the restaurant then xD

  3. What a nice occasion to attend! So many diverse styles of gal, I love when meets have that ^ ^

    1. It sure was fun! And I also loved seeing everyone with different styles! I think that's one of the best things about a meet-up ^^

  4. What a nice meetup :) And I love your hair ^^ Your outfit may be simple, but it's cute, I like it ^^