vrijdag 9 mei 2014

Hello Kitty High Tea Meet-up!

Hello Everybody!

Soo I'm a little late to the party, and you've probably allready seen a lot of these posts, but I wanted to share anyway!

So last sunday Elise organized a meet-up in Den Haag at a restaurant called SET Genki Tei. We were going to have a hello kitty high tea! It was really lovely and eventhough we were sitting at 2 tables because the group was so large it was still rather fun and I loved the food! Here are some food snaps!

Charmmy Kitty on the plates and Cups and Hello Kitty's face on the toast!

And more Hello Kitty faces! Butterscotch chocolate and a blueberry cheesecake

I loved the sushi, the restaurant was kind enough to make a vegetarian roll! And I was suprised to see that I was not the only vegetarian at the table, there were 2 others! Usually I'm forever alone when it comes to that haha
Here is a picture of me and Charlie! Not the best one (can you see my lash trying to escape my face?) but hey, we're there!

So after the high tea and all the other food festivities the group split up, half went out bowling and the other half had to return to the station. But Charlotte and I saw some awesome shops when we were walking to the cafe so we wanted to go back and do some shopping! And so we did~ We found a lot of cute stuff for really cheap prices and we will definetly go shopping there again some day! I got these 2 cute tops and they were only 3 euros each! I told you it was cheap!

So after shopping charlie and I went on to do what we do best, and that is eating nachos! Because what is not to love about nachos? Since we were still a little full from the high tea and we knew the place were going to served some large dishes, we decided to share a plate of nachos and have a roasted potato on the side! 

After that we had to get back on the train and our ways parted again ... I had a lot of fun that day, eventhough I was still tired because the day before I came home from vacation, so my saturday was a 13 hour car ride but I made it! 

Oh and before I forget, here is a picture of my face; I was in a hurry, so they came out blurry (yay it rhymes) My outfit wasn't really worth mentioning as I trew something together last minute and I look ultra chub in anything really.

Eventhough its far away I look forward to the next meetup! Have you seen it? Charlie came with the great idea of a Gyaru Library Meetup, and so we're holding on! On the 2nd of august and you are more than welcome to come! Click the banner for more info, and I hope to see you there!

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  1. I'd love to try the sweet cheesecakes with berry flavors too <3
    They look so delicious! ^.^
    And yay, you had a great day with good friends! That's what counts :3

  2. How cuuute <3 Everything looks too good to eat ;3; You and Charlotte look awesome as usual *-*