woensdag 16 juli 2014

Annual Lolita Meet!

Hello everyone!

Here is a post about a topic that I haven't blogged about in a looooong time. Lolita! Most of you know that I've been into lolita since 2003, but I stepped over to Gyaru around 2009. Since then the dutch lolita community has been growing and growing, and a lot of my friends grew out of the style as well. But every year there is this Lolita Picknick that I try to go to with my friends, to chat up with some lolitas of the older generations, that often come to this meetup as well!

This year we were, as always, supposed to have a picknick. But unfortunately the Dutch weather is super shit so those plans had to be canceled last minute, and there had been decided to go to a pancake restaurant! Let me show you the look of the day :) It felt really weird wearing lolita again after such a long time! I honestly think that I haven't worn it for over a year or so~ But maybe I was just also nervous about all the new people that took our place xD

The outfit has been completely handmade by your truly, the skirts, the blouse and the bow necklace which you can get at www.princess-apparel.com!
The day started off with me being very nervous meeting everyone at the central station, but luckily there were some girls I know already there! And not shortly after Charlotte arrived, which calmed my nerves a lot more. So after everyone gathered at the station, and loads of people came up to us and asked for pictures and explanation etc etc, we started walking to the pancake house! It was pretty fun because there was a huge group of nearly 50 people and I was wondering if everyone would fit in the restaurant xD But the restaurant was huge so that wasn't a problem! Most people ordered pancakes, ofcourse, but I'm not a huge fan of pancakes so I decided on a different dish. And it was the best decision since a long time cause I got a delicious sandwich and I'm definitely coming back for another one some day! I won't bore you with longer stories, here are some pictures!

Charlotte and I were wearing the same ring from Princess Apparel! xD So ofcourse a picture had to be taken. 

My delicious sandwich   It had grilled goat cheese, honey, nuts, salad an all kind of other goodies on it! 

Charlotte and her pancake with apples and raisins!
These are all the pictures from the restaurant~ But after lunch we all went to another place in Utrecht to take some group pictures and other pictures, so I have more of that!

Here is a group picture that I stole from Miranda, a lolita that was active during the same time as me so it was fun seeing her again!

HYPER Crew going Lolita! XD

Charlotte, looking too adorable to function. She made the skirt herself! 

Kari, who's radiance blinded my camera in her gorgeous handmade dress :D 

And then there's me xD With the adorable cat bag Charlotte gave me when she came back from Japan!

Derping around~ 

Everybody chatting up and taking pictures

Me being unable to properly aim my camera xD

And yay, it worked!

With the lovely Irvina! I love hanging out with her, she is so funny xD

After all of this the group parted, some went to a church garden to take more pictures, and a small group (where I was in) decided to go and have a drink somewhere. It was really fun to be with a smaller group, it makes it a lot easier to talk to people! I had a lot of fun at this meetup and I hope I will see a lot of girls again soon! And a big thanks to the organizers for organizing this meetup!

Also, do you like the purple bow? Don't forget to join the Princess Apparel giveaway on Facebook! Just click the image!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. You looked really cute! And your skirt is beautiful too.
    HYPER lolitas look very stylish by the way! :D
    Too bad I couldn't come, but hopefully I'll be there at the gyaru meet-up in August. ^^

    1. Thank you! <3 And I can't wait to see you again, it's been too long :D

  2. Love it <3 You and Charly looked very pretty <3
    Even tho I never was into Lolita, I enjoy when other are wearing it and share their photos and their joy with it :3

    1. Thank youu! <3

      I'm kind of in that stage now as well though! I hardly wear it but I love seeing other people dressed up in beautiful lolita outfits! <3 Some styles are just not meant to be worn by yourself, or at least I think so haha

  3. It was such a nice day! Lovely to see you again as well! And I really loved your skirt!

  4. Way too gorgeous! T_T You guys look like French dolls

  5. You all look so cute <3 I love the rings!