woensdag 15 oktober 2014

Stay Cute Deco custom phone case Review!

Hello Everybody~!

Here comes a long awaited review that I actually did a loooong time ago, but that I 'saved' instead of published ... And here I was wondering why nobody would comment on this ... (boy don't I feel stupid right now...)

Anyway, so here I am with a review on a custom phone case from Stay Cute Deco! Stay Cute Deco is a little deco shop that is run by the adorable Staci! She contacted me asking if I could do a review on one of her phone case and I felt really honored! I usually do reviews on circle lenses and stuff like that, but making a review on an item that is custom made for me something completely different! Ofcourse I wanted to do a review, but at the time I had a HTC one X, that usually doesn't come with a lot of cute covers so I hoped she could make one for my phone, and she could~! She can basically make phone cases for every phone that has a cover available somewhere.

She asked me what i'd like to have on it and I basically said I love everything pink and let your imagination run free! So I got really excited and couldn't wait for my cover to come in! And it came in really fast! I think I waited about 2 weeks, that is including making and shipping~! So I was really surprised by that! It came in a cute envelope and it was securely wrapped and packed, but because I was so excited to see it, I didn't take pictures of that ... But lets get on to the pictures I do have, an those are the pictures of the phone case itself!

Needless to say that I absolutely loved it~! It's gorgeous, pink, fluffy and glittery, it has roses, bows, pearls and cakes, basically everything I love! Oh and did I say it's pink yet? It is beautifully crafted, very detailed and it's not heavy at all :o I had heavier phone cases than this that didn't have as much on it! She paid close attention to where she put her deco~ For example I love that she worked around the camera, so the deco is never in the way of the camera and she didn't put too much deco on the side so that it is still easy enough to hold on to! I have small hands so holding a big phone is usually an issue for me :P 

I absolutely love the phone case and I haven't taken it of ever since! I would recommend keeping it away from places that contain sand and lots of dust, cause the whipped cream on the case can be a little sticky and attracts little dust etc. Its easy to clean, but if you're lazy like I am try to avoid getting it dirty haha.

If you want an adorable phone case like this, visit her store here: http://www.storenvy.com/stores/17964-stay-cute-deco or give her a message on facebook~! Here are some other examples of her work:


Isn't it adorable? I'd almost eat it! So go to the facebook page, give them a like and get your adorable phone case now! :3

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  1. I adore your phone case! She makes such cute cases, makes me almost wish I didn't have a flip phone ; u ;

    1. Ahhh I remember waaaay back when I saw something on tv about Paris Hilton and she had this big ass sparkly flip phone and I wanted it ever since :') though im afraid the technology is outdated so ill stick to this phone now haha xD

    2. Yeah ~ I love the design of flip phones but you can't do anything with them except for calling, texting and listening to music haha ouo;

  2. Thanks for sharing I will check the out their page *0*
    These designs are so cute !!!

    恵美より ♥

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  3. Hiya! Wow they are so cute :) i love your blog and followed you! Maybe you'd like to follow back :) thank you!