woensdag 24 december 2014

Magical Pastel Birthday Party!

Hello Everybody!

I haven't been blogging for so long, it almost feels weird to start again ... I hardly ever have a topic, and if I do have the topic, I don't have the pictures ... But today I have the topic and a few pictures!

So my birthday was on the 12th of december. On that Friday I celebrated it with my family by having a nice meal that my mother in law was kind enough to prepare most of it! Of this even I unfortunately don't have pictures but the memories of it are enough for me :3

On the Saturday after I celebrated my birthday for my friends! I decided to stick the theme 'Magical Pastel' to it, which was probably the hardest theme for myself to pull off since I only wear black hahaa. I spent the entire day baking with my lovely sister, but it was incredibly stressfull and I didn't know if I would manage to have everything done in time. At one point in time I was like, well screw this I'll just look like shit on my birthday cause I don't have the time to get dressed lol. But with the help of my friends I managed to get everything about done in time! So let me show you some pictures of all the snacks I prepared!

And my poor failed macarons ;o;
So now on to some of the party pics! I will leave some of these pictures in the depth of my computer because I don't think they should ever see the light of day whaha. I didn't take a lot of pictures myself, luckily one of my friends grabbed the camera and there are some awesome pictures from the night haha. I don't even have a picture or a selfie of my look! That's how busy I was hahaha. More luck next time xD Now on to pictures of friends and fun time! Click to enlarge ^^

Guys looking at pictures of boobs vs Girls looking at pictures of boobs ... xD 

And some horrible quality selfie stick pictures! XD 

I will spare you and my friends showing you the rest of the pictures haha. The rest was taking after we´ve been taking shots and playing beerpong for a while xD After all the stress of the day I ended up having a loooot of fun! Cause it was my birthday I had to take every shot 2 times and I lost with beerpong so yeah, the party started pretty fast haha. I was so happy that friends from all over the country came to visit! I think aside from all the drinks, food, decorations etc that is what made my party the best one so far :) Cause in the end, without friends no party!

I will do my best again to blog more often! But you've heard this before haha, but just know I'm trying!

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