zondag 12 april 2015

I should blog more .. Tomocon 2015~!

Hello everybody!

I really need to get back to blogging, and I hope that this time I will finally be able to keep blogging! First I thought I should just go blog about all the past events, but then again I think it wouldn't matter a whole lot since you've read other blog posts about it, so lets just start fresh with yesterdays event, Tomocon!

This day I didn't sign up for a spot in the dealerroom, but Do was sweet enough to give me some space on her table from Kawaii Deluxe! She always sells the cutest snacks and make-up products and I have a hard time to not secretly open every package she had on display to see what's in it xD

Let's first go to some pictures of the stand!

I took these pictures with a fisheye lens extention for my iPhone and the  effect is so funny! But afterwards I see this pictures I think I shouldn't take ALL of my pictures with this as the lens makes the quality of the pictures less. But look at all the cute snacks! :D She gave me the sailormoon nachos and the cream cheese one was actually reeeaally good! She said the anchovis and onion flavour tasted horrible, but I believe her immediately :'D So ofc, I had to take a picture with the bag 'cause it had sailor mercury on it! Again, the fisheye lens lol, it does give you an overview of the dealerroom!

So after me arriving a little too late and throwing some of my shit on the table, the day could get started! It wasn't too crowded at first, then there was a time where it got reaaally busy, and then there was a period when there was pretty much nobody around lol. We were waiting for Estherbel who had slept through her alarm, but once she got here I wanted to test out my new Instax mini Camera! So I asked my friend to take a picture of all 3 of us and it came out reaaally dark. I got a little sad thinking my camera might be broken so I took a picture of Do and Estherbel. Which came out great! So I asked him to take another picture of all 3 of us, and it came out reaaally dark again. This mystery had kept me busy for a while but I knew it just had to be because his reflexes automatically try and turn the lens like you do with a DSLR, buuuut. If you do that with an Instax camera, you change the setting, to super sunny. Meaning it would overcompensate for the brightness, that wasn't there ... Happy to know my camera wasn't broken, I shot some more pictures and here are the first ones!
I love taking pictures with this thing as it instantly snaps some memories, that you might lose if it were just pictures taken on your phone. I need to find a nice album for it!

During the day, Cosplayer Kythana came by the stand, who we had met at a previous convention when she and her sister where at the stand next to ours. She was cosplayed as sailormoon again,and I just had to snap a picture with here as my outfit was inspired by Sailor Moon, and which I had later named the 'If Sailor Moon was a Gyaru schoolgirl' outfit.

Other than that the day went on pretty normal~ We didn't see a whole lof of familiar faces and I personally think what made this day fun was being with friends. The overal vibe of the con wasn't that great. Some of the policies resulted into big drama in the dealerroom (which was one of the most interesting part of the day) and it was held in the middle of nowhere... I don't think I'd be tempted to go to Tomocon again next year, unless they'd move closer and some of their policies change~
Other than that, here are some more random pictures!

Do's fabulous pastel nails! And me with my favorite drink ever!

 Derping around is what we do best!

And to finish this post, here are some blurry shots of my make-up before I left the house! 

Thank you for reading and I hope to be back soon again! :2

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