zondag 24 mei 2015

Gals love food: Spring Picnic!

Hello everybody!

I though better late than never, but here is a post about the last picnic meet HYPER organized!

We decided to have a picnic on acension day, because most of the gals are free from school or work so we could get a lot of gals together! We all met up at the station and went to the park by bus. There was a huge market on the street near the park so a lot of the busses had a different schedule and took different roads, a lot of people warned me for this in advance. But we decided to try anyway and it all went well!

Imke, Juul and Laura had allready taken a spot in the centre of the biggest field in the park and we joined them. The weather was better than anyone could have hoped for with lead to a lot of sunburned gals, but also a lot of chillings in the sun! I personally love relaxing meets like this. Just sit around, enjoy eachothers company and ofcourse all the snacks everybody brought! No obligations, no walking around in heels that are too high too walk on all day and no bickering on having to decide what to do. But without further ado, I will show you all some pictures that I took and stole!


So those are some random shots I took, and here are some pics I stole from Juul! HYPER group shoots!

We tried staying serious, I swear we did!

After a lot of chilling and eating most of us went on home, but Charlie, Do and I went to visit the venue for the upcoming International Summer Meet! It will be great, so I hope to see all of you there ofcourse!

That concluded the day, and I'll conclude this post with some make-up shots~ I ended up being completely dissattisfied with my outfit, it looked way different in my head haha. But I had allready made the skirt for it so I thought I might as well wear it. But it made me look even bigger than I am, but I can never tell untill I see pictures from after the meet lol. Oh well, I'm a chubby nub nub and that's just the way it is atm :'D

Anyway, here are my make-up shots from before it melted off my face! I've been loving purple lipstick lately! But I need to find the guts to wear it during daytime with normal makeup haha

I will see you all next blogpost, I hope I'll find something interesting to blog about haha x D

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