vrijdag 26 juni 2015

Animecon 2015 // FRIDAY

Hello Everybody!

This post is about my adventures at Animecon! Animecon is one of the biggest conventions in the Netherlands regarding Anime and Japan and basically anybody with those interests that can come, will come. The convention is huuuge and there is a lot to do so I was happy to once again attend with Princess Apparel, but this year also with HYPER! For this year's Animecon we decided to host several Gyaru lectures and a fashion show! Since the weekend consisted out of 3 entire days, lets just start with Friday! I brought all my possible cameras with me, but I hardly took any photos ... As was expected. But I took some photos with my phone so I will share those :D

Soo on friday the drama began! In other words, I had to pack my car and drive up to the convention .. I don't think I have ever put so much junk into my car. Don't believe me? Here is proof!

See? Totally packed! I had planned on arriving early at the dealer room so I could take my time setting up. The first lecture would be before the dealer room even opened so I wanted to be ready before then! Unfortunately because it was friday a lot of my gals still had to work but luckily Dominique was avaiable to help! And I'm glad I called in her help because I brought so much stuff with me that if I were to carry it alone I would've had to walk up and down at least 10 times xD

So I set up the booth for the most part, and then it was time for the first lecture! The gyaru make-up lecture! I was going to demonstrate how to do Gyaru makeup on Charlotte! I was sooo nervous for the because unfortunately we didnt have the time to practice. And doing gyaru make-up on your own face is one this, doing it on someone else's face (which obviously has different features than yours) is a whole other level! I was so nervous, and there were actually quite some people that showed up, which made me even more nervous .. But eventhough I could hardly talk because I had been sick for 2 weeks before the con I think I ended up doing pretty well! Charlotte did end up looking a bit like me but that's probably because I used the same excact lashes for her as I had done for me xD Lets go on to some pictures! Unfortunately for us the lightning at our booth was horrible! We were tucked away into some dark corner of the dealerroom so we didnt take many selfies :( I do have a picture from my eyemake and before I put on a wig etc!

But this is Charlotte before we did the Suji Mori Make-up! Accidentaly we matched! We didn't talk it through at all but somehow we both ended up wearing black and hot pink. Maybe that's just an added benefit of knowing somebody that long? Tee-hee :3
Let me show you some picture of the booth! I worked really hard on finding all kinds of new ways to display the Princess Apparel items and I was so incredibly organized for this weekend! You have no idea how scary that was .. Even Charlotte said 'what is up with you, you are never this organized!' I had litteraly everything prepared! Everything was packed perfectly, labeled, organized I didn't forget a single thing! Which is pretty scary haha. I usually forget pretty much everything, or some really important stuff. But this time I didnt forget a single thing and I can say I am proud of my own organisation! Okay now its time to stop talking and show you the pretties!

So after the dealer room had been open for a while, we saw a few friends, sold a few items, chatted with some people passing by and then it was time for our second lecture; the Suji mori lecture! Unfortunately, in hindsight this event was poorly planned ... we were planned during two huge events at the convention so there weren't a lot of people that showed up. Charlotte and I had quite a laugh about this to be honest .. ever since 2009 people have been asking us how we do these big suji mori hairstyles. No we finally show all our secrets to the world, and nobody shows up! Well okay some showed up but we definetly had to lure a few people in. The lecture room was really nice though, we did a bit of dancing while we were still along and Charlotte found the new love of her live. A shiny cupboard type thing with pretty lightning. She couldn't get out of it ...

Either way we had lots of fun during the lecture! We talked more about Japan in general than we did about the Suji, but we made some guys promise that if they come back next year with a full head of hair, we'd give them a proper suji mori ;) Charlotte and I didn't really take before and after pictures! But I did want a picture of the hairmake I did on her so I snapped one when we were back at the booth xD I was really happy with the result and it made my love for old school gyaru come back :3 Surely Charlotte has a lot more pictures of her hairdo!

After all the con happenings we were pretty tired and Do's sister was kind enough to take us in for the night! Charlotte was KO right away whilest Do and I kept chatting quietly as we got excited for the next day where we would wear our Sailor Moon skirts that I created for Princess Apparel! But more on that in the post for Saturday which should be up soon ;)

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