zondag 28 juni 2015

Animecon 2015 // SATURDAY

Hello everybody!

Here is the second post about Animecon! Saturday was by far the longest, but also the most fun day!
We woke up pretty early to get 'ready'. We just decided to slap on our clothes and stop on our way to the convention at the supermarket to get (more) food. When we arrived at the convention, we had about one hour before the dealerroom opened so we did our make-up behind the booth. I am sure our neighbours were amazed by the transformation we could go through. From people who look hardly awake to full blown magical girls! I did actually take some selfies that day so let me show you those :3 Since the three of us (Do, Charlotte and I) decided to wear the new Sailor Moon skirts we decide to try and look like magical girls as well! It's fun to have something a little different from Gyaru :D Eventhough my make-up usually stays about the same .. Sorry I am too lazy to edit these pictures ;p

Most of the day was spend behind this booth. But since we were in a dark corner of the dealerroom it got quiet quite a few times. Apperantly there were some big events going on, but we didn't really take part in it. We did however took a whole bunch of selfies! So let me spice this post up with those.

Unfortunately these were the only pictures we had taken with the skirts D: We didn't take the time to look good and have someone take a good picture~ Buuuut we will make up for that soon ;)
Do and Charlotte did some wandering around the dealerroom. Do brought back delicious snacks, and Charlotte bought a new friend! And a new friend needs a new home, so I took care of that.. So here is a pic of Do being cute as f*ck with her new favorite sweet, and me using the Kawaii Deluxe boobtop as a new home for Charlotte's new friend :D

Later that day, or lets say at night ... we had to do a lecture on Gyaru fashion but that was around 9 o 'clock, and the dealerroom would close at 8. Which meant we had some time to spend ... Which meant, getting come booze so we'd have some courage to do the lecture xD

We had all kinds of weird drinks and sweet wine from the supermarket etc. We had loooots to eat that day. Do went out and got some crepes for us! But eventually she was gone for like an hour so just when I texted her she came back. Apperantly they had f*cked up her order a whole bunch of time. Apperantly its really hard to make a crepe with the right toppings while there are only 3 choices avaiable? And they ended up just being basic ass dutch pancakes with some icecream :p It wasnt bad, but it definetly wasn't worth the wait and I felt sorry for Do that she had to wait that long D: So ofcourse I took some pictures of the crepes, a very disssapointed Do, and Charlotte taking pictures of her crepe xD

So after that we finally got our asses out of the dealerroom, dumped our stuff into the car and had to get the party started! We first had to get the lecture started, but since a Japanese band was peforming at the same time we figured nobody would come to our lecture so we decided to start a party in the lecture room instead! Since the concert happened right across our lecture room there was a huuuuge line of people waiting. But some of those had awesome foam glow sticks! And lucky meeee I found the guys selling them so I got 3 of them and it was the best investment ever! We had sooo much fun with them. But before the actual party began, we had to do the lecture where people actually showed up! Unfortunately my voice was completely gone so I couldnt actually talk much on the lecture, but lucky for me Charlotte could xD So I believe people enjoyed the lecture, but not sure. Our weird sense of humor keeps getting in the way of the lecture, so let me apologize for that xD

So after that was when the fun times started! We ran around trying to find our friends because we wanted to go to Deshima sounds in the night. We found something else on the search for our friends though... A big glowing bottle! It was really cute, but since we were being weird, we decided to take some pictures with our new magical glow 'sticks'. Here is an idea of our sense of humor ..

So that was fun! After wandering around for a little more we finally found our friends and thats when shit went down! Im not actually going to show the pictures I took then, I dont think people would appreciate it much if these would find their way online ... I can however show you how cute our drink station looked! Estherbel took really cute ponies to spice up our drinks ;)

Our night was a loooot of fun. We did a lot of dancing, a lot of running around and quite a bit of drinking. We wanted to do karaoke but we were too frigging late xD
So after a long and complicated ride 'home' which I rather not go in on because I had a lot of fun if it was not about the ride back in the middle of the night xD Saturday was awesome, eventhough I kinda did regret staying up that late the next morning but we have a saying here in the Netherlands saying 'if you're a man in the evening, you gotta be a man in the morning' :') And that is what we did!

Thats it for the Saturday of Animecon~I hope you enjoyed this massive post xD

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  1. You've made me excited to go back to Japan in August! I definitely need to get a selfie stick like you, smart move! The dealer room is always the dangerous spot for me at these conventions. But I haven't been able to go to one in a few years ): Hopefully next year! Triggered my nostalgia. Glad to see you're still staying true to you and doing Gyaru fashion lectures, too! Now if you excuse me, I need to get some food and a drink since you advertised it so well my stomaches calling for it! Haha.

    xx Sinead | www.sineadodessa.com

    1. Ohh man every time I go to conventions I my craving to go back to Japan grows too ;3; But untill I get the time and money I will have to make do with Japan conventions here xD I got mine on ebay! They have them with soo many cute patterns! Secretly I want another one haha
      Gyaru will always be important to me <3 I just love the style too much to let go and I feel like I should get back to my old style! But sometimes you just feel old you know? :')
      And animeconventions usually make me hungry too cause there is so much to eat! Unfortunately it is usually pretty expensive. :'( I'd rather (try) make it myself! XD


  2. Love your looks as magical girls ^^ I wanted to go to the lecture but totally forgot about it, also kinda because I was hanging out with only guy friends and didn't want to go alone hehe :x Animecon was so much fun ^^ Will you be going to Abunai to? I just found your blog :3 Gonna follow you ^^

    ❤ Sann

    1. Thank youu :D <3

      Aww too bad you missed the lecture but I am glad to hear you enjoyed animecon :D We will be at Abunai too! with even more lectures and workshops than on Animecon so I hope to see you there! Thank you for following me <3