woensdag 24 juni 2015

New Layout + Gal VIP Spring Edition!

Hello Everybody!

I told you I would try to get back to blogging! I wonder who still actually reads my blog these days haha. Sometimes I feel like I am just talking to myself, but that is fine too :p

Anyway! In light of my new blogging activities I have decided to change up my layout. Since I hadn't change my layout for a looong time, and because of that I had zero inspiration. I either wanted to go full on goth, minimalist classy, or magical girl. I think my new profound love for anything that is magical and pink got the upperhand, as you can see ...
The reason I went on this magical girl trip is because recently my interests have grown further than just Gyaru. And don't worry just yet, I still love Gyaru and I would definitely consider it my main style. But I've been picking up some new hobbies lately! And I've become more active 'behind the scenes' of Gyaru, than actually actively wearing it like I've done before. I now only dress up for special occasions and meet-ups, whereas before I'd just dress up on regular daily basis. This has moved me a little away from blogging because I believe all of you would only be interested in Gyaru. And however much I appreciate all of my followers, I believe this is still my blog and that I should not just limit myself to posting things about Gyaru as it is not the only thing that interests me anymore. Therefore I decided for a new non typical Gyaru theme so I feel more liberated to blog about anything that is on my mind! How do you like the new layout? It's pretty pink huh ;o

In other news, the new Gal VIP spring edition just came out! Or well, it came out a while ago but we had some hiccups. As some of you may know I am a pretty active member of the Gal VIP team, juggling between model, designer and co-editor. I've been pretty much active on all aspects of the magazine, but we didn't seem to make much progress. So we got together and made some pretty big behind the scene alterations and changes! We are undergoing a big revamp which should be visible in the fall edition. We are currently working on getting the Summer issue out so please get excited for that ;) But for now you can watch the spring issue online at Issuu!

I hope you'll enjoy the spring issue and hope you're looking forward to the summer issue! Until next post loves!

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