maandag 22 juni 2015

[TAG] 6 minute Gyaru Make-up Challenge!

Hello everybody!

So to revive my blog a little, I will post about a challenge I did! The 6 minute Gyaru make-up challenge was invented by Holly. And Astralys decided to tag the entire Gal VIP team! And since I am a part of said team, I decided to go with it!

I'll be honest here, this challenge is HARD. I thought I could totally pull this off, but I couldn't so the joke is on me. I do know a few reasons for my failure though~ First off; After doing my video I saw that literally everybody that has done this challenge had all ready put on foundation, and I thought it was part of the challenge ... Second, I have this new lash glue because my other one got into an accident at Animecon (I'll blog about this later!). This glue however comes in a tube and not with applicator stick like my old one did. So needless to say, this being the first time I used this glue, I got glue EVERYWHERE! And it kept getting stuck on my hands, the table etc. So struggling with that for over a minute hasn't really helped me do this challenge lol. So, maybe I should have a rematch under better circumstances? ;) Here is a picture of my failed attempt if you do not feel like watching the video haha

Allright Allright enough of all the talking, lets go on to the actual video! I felt so awkward filming, I'm really not a youtube person ... :') Also my editing is very rusty since I didn't do that in over a year so please don't pay attention to that. And last but not least, I'm glad I still went through with uploading this because after 3 hours of rendering and over half an hour of uploading it to youtube, it got blocked immediately because I had apparently used music that is copyright or some sh*t. This shows just how unfamiliar I am with youtube and I got really mad because I had to re-render the entire video :') Lessons learned I guess!

I hope you will all enjoy this video! I feel really awkward looking back at it but ohh well. I challenge everybody who reads this to do this challenge just like I challenged the girls from my Gyarusa HYPER!

Also stay tuned for more blog post everyone! I will once again try to blog more because I believe I will have more future events to blog about :D

Love everyone that stuck with me for the past months hihi

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  1. I could never do this lol. I multitask when I do my makeup so it takes me forever.

    1. I usually do so too! Whenever I actually take the time to do just my make-up I always feel like something is wrong haha.
      This is a really fun challenge to try though, even if youre not filming it ^^