dinsdag 7 juli 2015

INT Gyaru Summer Meet 2015 is almost here!

1002762_10152086457168018_612622161_nHello Darlings!

Today I want to talk about the International Summer Meet that is coming up! Together with HYPER I'm really busy organizing this event and we are really excited!

Saturday July 18th
The event is divided over two days. The main event is on Saturday July 18th, and will be held at a venue. There will be awesome stuff like Karaoke, a photo corner, games, a raffle, para para, dancing, food and so much more! A lot of tickets have all ready been sold and girls from all over Europe are coming! ^^ So if you would like to know more about this event, please take a look at our event page to get updated about the program. I would love to see more gals from around the world, it's been a while since I saw some of you ;3; So get your tickets fast because the closer we're getting to the date the faster tickets are selling! Oh, and a little hint for all my readers here, the venue will be decorated with PINK PINK PINK ;)


Sunday July 19th
So the day after all the partying, games and drinking, we are going to have a relaxing day in one of Utrecht's pretty parks! Everybody will bring some food, and every j-fashion style is welcome! We love to make new friends, even outside of Gyaru. Everybody is welcome because isn't that what picnics are for?! Ofcourse you don't need to get a ticket for the picnic, you just need to bring food and a blanket to sit on ;) Oh and if you're coming, dont forget to bring some sunscreen ... on our last picnic most of us got burned ghe he... Check for more information about the picnic on our page!

Sooo as said before, I would love to see all of you there! Because what better way to spend your summer than meeting new friends, get some great food, and lots and lots of fun!

Check our public event page over here!

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