donderdag 24 september 2015

Abunai 2015!

Hello Everybody!

Tonight I'm going to do a little write up about Abunai! It's allready been a while but I didn't quite get the time to catch up on blog posts yet :x I'm sorry! But better late than never right?

So Abunai was at the end of August and I had been looking forward to it for months. I had also been working pretty hard for it because I decided to make another cosplay! We first wanted to do a group cosplay with HYPER; but kinda last minute we all figured out we didn't really have the time to finish it so we decided we'd do it another time. We don't know when yet though haha.

I did however work very hard on completing my first ever character cosplay; Nona ginta from Death Parade! It started as a little joke between me and Do but we ended up being pretty serious about it. So after night and nights and nights of being covered in minty green synthetic hair fibers I pulled it off! Even though I'm a lot 'bigger' than the actual character I think I did pretty good ^^ So Abunai was the place to show off our cosplays!

We arrived on Friday at the hotel we booked in Eindhoven, which is close to the venue. Because trying to get a room at the actual venue is a full on war lol. It was really cute in the center of the city and perfect for 3 people! Lucky me Charlie drove with me to Eindhoven because it would be quite a long ride alone in the car and company is always welcome! After we checked in we started dressing up and waited for Do who didn't arrive much later. After we all dressed up we headed out to the con where we would meet up with some friends. I was pretty nervous about going out in cosplay but I was happy to have Charlie and Do by my side xD Too be honest we didn't do much but wandering around on Friday and chatting with friends trying to find our way around the con. Let me stop the blabbing and show you some of the pictures!


Pictures of my cosplay! Tbh I dont have many other pics than selfies xD Ofcourse everything including the lace front is handmade! Yes, I made a regular wig into a lace front and Im never doing it again haha

Do was dressed as Castra from the same series! Look at that boss skull she made!

And here some shots while we waited for the Cosplay Competition to begin! It was really fun to see so many amazing cosplays!

After a bit of dancing late at night we decided to head back to the hotel to prepare for the following day! Because Saturday was going to be a loooong day. We had two events planned with HYPER. A deco nail workshop and a J-fashion show. We had to fill in one and a half hour of show! @_@ Can you imagine how long that is? So we had to get some help from outside to try and represent all fashion shows. Do and I put on our Death Parade cosplays for the morning because we decided we had worked way too hard on it to just wear it for a few hours on the friday xD And so we dragged all of our stuff with us and lucky us our senpai Maggie let us use her hotel room to store all of our junk in! So the first event of the day was the nail deco workshop. It took a little while before we could start because we were still waiting for the sign up list that the organizers of the con had ... But when we could finally start the attendees had a lot of fun and so did we! All of the HYPER gals immediately wanted to work on some deco nails themselves again as well haha. All of the attendees made adorable nails and I surely hope they will be able to use them well! If you joined our workshop and you are reading this, please show me your little pieces of art! Some of them where so creative and cute I really want to make a few for myself again :3

So after the nail deco workshop we had to rush out of our cosplay and get ready for the fashion show! We really wanted to try and represent all fashion styles so some of us, including me, stepped out of their comfort zone of Gyaru and put on a different J-fashion style. We had to wear pretty simple outfits cause all of us did an outfit change during the show which can be pretty damn stressfull. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the show yet but I have a mug shot because I tried out Larme Kei! I love the fashion and I decided I just had to try it ^^ If I get an outfit shot I will post it!
 After the fashion show we grabbed something to eat and after that we started getting some drinks because we would be celebrating Juul's birthday! She always celebrates her birthday at Abunai and we got her a nice gift ;D We danced till the con was closed basically and then we headed back to our hotel being really dead haha. The next morning was a little less fun xD Last day of the con and we had a bit of a hangover haha. I decided to wear a casual version of my sylveon cosplay because I had worked pretty hard on it and wanted to wear it again haha. It was really hot that day and since all of us were pretty dead we just walked around the con for a bit, watched the AMV compo for a little while, had some food and then it was time to go back home. I had loads of fun at the con and I really miss hanging out with my friends an entire weekend! It's always fun to be together and I want to go back but the next big con will have to wait a little while, life needs to happen too some times! 
A pic with my adorable waifu Charlie :3 We got married on Abunai in 2011! Did you know?

I have a few reviews lined up for you! I hope to be posting again sooon <3 div="">

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