dinsdag 5 januari 2016

Purple x Gold Gyaru Make-up Tutorial and Lensflavors Review

Hello Everybody!

 First of, I want to wish you all a very happy new year! How were your new years celebrations? Did you make any resolutions? I have a few but since I know I'm hard at keeping them I will tell you at the end of the year if I failed them or not! ;D

Now lets get on with the actual reason I made this post! A long while back I've been asked by Lensflavors to write a review for them. And I must say that I am more than ashamed of myself that it took so incredibly long. Every time something came up and I can make a bunch of excuses but I am just way overdue with this review! But, better late than never they say right? To make it up I decided to do a more elaborate review by turning it into a make-up tutorial! It's been a while since I did these for anything other than Gal VIP so lets hope you like it!

Click to enlarge!

So now on to a quick review on the actual lenses!

Design/ Color 5/5
I looove the design of these lenses! They are very opaque and the purple colour is very intense! I wouldn't recommend these lenses if you are going for a natural look. But that wasn't the case for me when I picked these! One of the reason I picked these was for my Nona Ginta cosplay. Since these give you a very 'fake' and cartoonish effect I thought they'd be perfect, and they are!

Comfort 4/5
Even though these are pretty comfortable, after a while your eyes really do dry out a bit. Since the lens is so opaque my guess is there is a little less air coming through. I can certainly wear them for a couple of hours but I wouldn't go clubbing with them haha.

Enlargement 5/5
The enlargement of these is great! The thick black rim always makes your eyes super dolly and look rather 'full'. Great for a dolly look!

Here are two more pictures!

Left: Daylight - Right: Flash
Overall I really do love these lenses and I love how they work with a bolder Gyaru make-up look!

I know that all the other colors in this range are very vivid as well! You can get them all at Lensflavors, they have free shipping on all the lenses! Get the violet ones here! And let me know if you like these or not ^^

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